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Getting to Shaftesbury by Electric car

Travelling to Shaftesbury can be quite awkward if you are using traditional public transport. If, however you own an electric vehicle you may be surprised by the options available to you both in and around Shaftesbury and on the way. Coming from London there are lots of options, once you get past the fairly useless number of charge points at Fleet Services, you are inundated with choice at Amesbury/ Solstice Park. No fewer than 20 different charge points attached to an amazing array of fast food and coffee joints.

You can get a last minute charge before you climb the hill at Semley with the newly installed Instavolt charges at the back of Compton McRae. Or delve into Shaftesbury and find an option to suit your needs and your car and budget.

Be wary of heading to Tisbury on a low charge. If travelling to the station. Chargers are few and far between here and have no power.

Charge points in Shaftesbury

  • Pod Point – Tesco in the heart of Shaftesbury next to the entrance has 4 charge points with a very low charge facility. Enough for a few extra miles while you shop. 7kw
  • Pod Point – Lidl – next to Tesco but offering a more reasonable 20 kwh charge facility.
  • Mer Charging – In the Bell Street Car Park – two brand new chargers that will boost your car in a couple of minutes 150kwh
  • Instavolt – Semley – Two massive 150kwh chargers.
  • Osprey – Udder Farm Shop, East Stour
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